Executive Benefit Needs Have Evolved.  Why Not the Solutions?

Recruiting and retaining talent amid increased scrutiny and need for greater transparency and fiscal stewardship is one of the primary challenges facing nonprofit organizations today. Historically, corporate style benefit structures, such as SERPs or 457(f) plans, do not fully appreciate the unique advantages of the nonprofit sector. These factors are prompting nonprofit institutions to break with traditional “business as usual” practices and seek solutions that more effectively address these issues and afford them a competitive edge.

Innovative Solutions Designed for Nonprofits by the Nonprofit Experts

As Retirement Benefit Engineers and experts in the nonprofit executive benefit planning landscape, TRISCENDNP has developed evolutionary solutions consistent with current regulations that address the historical shortcomings associated with traditional benefit plans such as poor plan administration and risk management.  Unlike traditional plans, the TRISCENDNP Cap-Ex Program is designed to return all funding dollars, which can include interest, to the organization while providing the potential for greater retirement cash flows to the executive. The results are more consistent program performance and improved financial stewardship for the organization to better serve its community.


Results benefit the organization, executive and community.

Grow Capital

  • Transforms benefit expenses into assets
  • Improves stewardship of financial resources
  • Returns funds, which can include interest, to the organization

Retain Talent

  • Attractive and flexible benefits solution
  • Vesting provisions that improve retention
  • Potential for greater and more reliable income at retirement

Serve Community

  • Improved bottom line provides additional resources to invest
  • Aligns financial incentives with long-term mission
  • More favorable perception of Form 990 reporting

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