TriscendNP specializes in working with nonprofits to effectively balance the competing needs of talent retention and maintaining a strong bottom line.


Recruiting and retaining talent is one of the primary challenges faced by nonprofits today.  In order to compete, organizations are required to provide executive benefit packages similar to those more commonly seen in the corporate sector. Simultaneously, given the proliferation of nonprofit organizations, today’s nonprofits are required to compete more aggressively for fewer dollars to fulfill their mission.

Stakeholders of all kinds – organizational staff, boards, communities are calling for greater transparency and fiscal stewardship, making the expenses associated with executive compensation in these organizations especially noticeable.

With so many competing objectives to manage, nonprofits require solutions that better address thEIR needs and afford them a competitive edge.

The TriscendNP Cap-Ex Program is designed to return all funding dollars, which can include interest, to the organization while providing the potential for greater retirement income to the executive. The results are more consistent program performance and improved financial stewardship for the organization to better serve its community. The program is flexible and can work either in concert with, or as a replacement to, existing plans.

  • Donor friendly program helps to attract and retain key executives in furthering the mission of the organization
  • Unique design and program efficiency often requires less capital from the institution while maintaining the desired level of incentive for the employee
  • Transforms what has traditionally been an expense into an asset
  • Institutional capital investment is returned, which can include interest
  • Demonstrates more responsible stewardship of financial resources

For additional information or to request a complimentary consultation to discuss the benefits of the TriscendNP Cap-Ex Program for your organization, please contact us.

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