Unrivaled Service and Ongoing Administration.

TriscendNP offers unrivaled plan administration services so plans stay on track and client needs are met.

Too often executive benefit plans are established and then placed on the shelf and forgotten. Of the failed or inefficient plans we have evaluated, the lack of monitoring and reporting has been a consistent issue affecting the condition and results of the plan.



Plan Review

TriscendNP strongly recommends an annual meeting with key stakeholders to review all aspects of the plan and provide updates on asset performance (planned/designed vs. actual) and balances. This service keeps the participants informed and ensures the plan stays on track to meet goals and objectives.

Administrative Projections Support
  • Payment Coordination
  • Assistance with Changes
  • Reporting
  • Illustrations and Projections
  • Assistance with Retirement Access
  • Liaison Services with Carriers and Advisors

Analysis Updates

Analysis updates may be required if any of the initial transactional assumptions regarding the organization and the executive change. Updated modeling may be needed and changes to assets or legal documentation may be required. TriscendNP offers this service to ensure accurate and timely action on restructuring these critical parts of the plan.

We are committed to consistently monitor compliance, asset performance and pertinent regulatory developments. We hold annual meetings (more frequently, if needed) for each plan participant to review the program’s progress to date and review all questions and aspects of their plan.

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