We believe the success of any executive benefit arrangement starts with a complete understanding of the goals and objectives of the organization and the participating executive(s). We believe that our role is to lead organizations through a cogent and disciplined process culminating in the decision to implement an executive benefit arrangement for its executive(s) that is beneficial for its key employees.

Non-profit clients engage TriscendNP to lead the organization and executive through a disciplined decision process culminating in the selection and (if appropriate) implementation of a supplemental executive retirement benefit for its key executives.

This process consists of the following components:

Phase 1 Data Gathering and Analysis
Phase 2 Informational Interview
Phase 3 Preliminary Analysis and Findings
Phase 4 Facilitation of Board and Executive Deliberations
Phase 5 Final Decision and Plan Implementation
Phase 6 Ongoing Plan Service and Maintenance

This structured approach provides the framework for TriscendNP to:

  1. Determine the goals and objectives of the organization and the executive(s)
  2. Tailor a set of potential options consistent with industry standards based on stated goals
  3. Analyze the impact of those options on both quantitative and qualitative bases
  4. Guide the client to the best decision based on their facts and circumstances

The process culminates with the delivery of a written report detailing our analysis and recommendations in addition to an onsite educational presentation delivered to the Board and designated senior leadership. TriscendNP ensures our clients receive the personal attention and resources required to make the best decision possible, bringing value to the executive, organization and stakeholders.

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