TriscendNP works with credit unions to design executive benefit and succession solutions that allow organizations to reduce costs, and maintain a stronger balance sheet by transforming an expense into an asset.

Credit unions play a critical role in ensuring a fair, transparent, and competitive marketplace for consumer financial products and services. Managing expenses and building a strong balance sheet is of paramount importance to their mission and organizational well-being.

Increasingly, credit unions are feeling the pressure to grow earnings and maintain high levels of statutory capital while attracting the best and brightest executives. Historically this has been accomplished using defined benefit plans, which require the recording of significant liabilities on their balance sheet.

TriscendNP benefits credit unions by taking an innovative new approach to meet the goals of executive retention and a healthy financial statement by designing and implementing customized solutions that are more financially efficient for the credit union. Some designs allow for reduced expenses in the first year of implementation. The result is the retention of key talent and return of capital plus accrued interest in the future of the organization. Our designs are flexible and work either in concert with or as a replacement to existing plans.

  • Enhanced balance sheet treatment; transforms what has traditionally been an expense into an asset
  • Efficient design often requires less capital from the institution while maintaining the desired level of incentive for the employee
  • Improved balance sheet and income statement treatment
  • Demonstrates more responsible stewardship of financial resources and support of the institution’s longer-term mission
  • Form 990 reporting congruent with mission

For additional information or to request a complimentary consultation to discuss the benefits TriscendNP can deliver for your organization, please contact us.

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