TriscendNP works with healthcare institutions to attract and retain talent while also aligning with the organization’s long-term financial goals for greater stewardship.
Today’s healthcare institutions are undergoing a fundamental shift, which in turn requires an even higher level of leadership talent. The balancing act of attracting and retaining talent, for top business leaders and, in some cases, employed physicians, while keeping bottom line expenditures in check is challenging.

These conditions are prompting healthcare institutions to break with traditional “business as usual” practices and seek solutions that more effectively address these issues, benefit all stakeholders and afford them a competitive edge.

TriscendNP provides an innovative and evolutionary approach needed to address these conflicting needs. Our designs are flexible and can either work in concert with or as a replacement to existing plans.

  • Form 990 reporting congruent with mission
  • Efficient design may require less capital from the institution while maintaining the desired level of incentive for the employee
  • Improved balance sheet and income statement treatment
  • Demonstrates better stewardship of financial resources and support of the institution’s longer-term mission
  • Promotes bench strength development and orderly succession

For additional information or to request a complimentary consultation to discuss the benefits TriscendNP can deliver for your organization, please contact us.

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