TriscendNP works with academic institutions to design executive benefits and retention solutions that return all program funds, which can include interest, to reduce costs for the university.

Competition for top academic and administrative talent in the country’s institutions of higher education is increasingly more costly and intense. Coupled with challenging economic times, these trends are causing colleges and universities to more critically evaluate the methods used to attract and retain talent.

Historically, these institutions have used traditional approaches such as non-qualified deferred compensation plans and 415(m) plans to accomplish their retention goals. While some of these plans have the potential to provide an adequate level of benefits for designated individuals, they can have long-term, adverse effects on the institution’s financial strength.

TriscendNP provides innovative alternatives to traditional plans. Our unique approach to design reduces costs and in some cases returns all of the funds, which can include interest, to the institution. Our designs are flexible and can work along with or as a replacement to an existing plan.

  • Design efficiency reduces costs and builds capital helping the university achieve its mission
  • Unique design and program efficiency may require less capital from the institution while maintaining the desired level of incentive for the employee
  • Improves balance sheet and income statement treatment
  • Form 990 reporting congruent with mission

For additional information or to request a complimentary consultation to discuss the benefits of the TriscendNP offerings for your organization, please contact us.HIGHER EDUCATION

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