Providing outstanding executive benefits improveS your ABILITY TO RECRUIT, RETAIN & REWARD. IT CAN ALSO IMPROVE YOUR bottom line.

The TriscendNP team of professionals carefully oversees each step of the process.

Thoughtful implementation of executive benefit plans is vital to ensuring their success. Our unique and totally customized approach results in more accurate projections and reliable plan performance.

The TriscendNP Approach
  1. Finalize financial models
  2. Collect required documentation from the executive
  3. Underwrite and/or place chosen financial products
  4. Legal Support
  5. Closing

Financial Model Finalization

TriscendNP performs rigorous, scientific analyses with proprietary “what if” modeling tools to produce projections, illustrations and comparative analyses to ensure plan performance.

Product Underwriting (IF APPLICABLE)

Reliable executive benefit programs require expert knowledge of underwriting techniques, as well as the thorough collection of the information and documentation required to efficiently and effectively underwrite and bind insurance contracts. Comprehensive management of the policy placement and initial premium payment process is also tantamount to successful plan implementation. TriscendNP has deep knowledge and industry experience unparalleled in the industry.

Legal Support

Advanced executive benefit programs require legal documentation. TriscendNP will coordinate and assist in collecting the data necessary to complete legal agreements and facilitate timely approval for efficient closing of the transaction.


TriscendNP schedules a pre-closing meeting to review the final aspects of the transaction, any product specific information about the newly issued  insurance policies or other assets, as well as any outstanding legal or financial matters that need to be addressed prior to closing.

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