Attracting and retaining key executives and clinicians in today’s competitive environment can be challenging. The ability to offer a comprehensive benefits package is critical in competing for the best and brightest. At the same time, however, executive compensation packages for nonprofit healthcare organizations are receiving increased public attention.

These challenges prompted SCHA Solutions to find a solution that would enable South Carolina hospitals to provide retention benefits in a socially responsible manner while offering competitive and attractive packages to key employees. After much due diligence, the South Carolina Hospital Association partnered with The CAP-Ex Group to offer an alternative to traditional options, such as SERP or 457(f) deferred compensation plans.

The CAP-Ex Group is changing the game for nonprofits by transforming the way executive benefits are provided. CAP-Ex is designed to return all funding dollars of the plan, plus interest, back to the sponsoring health care organization while simultaneously creating the potential for greater levels of retirement income for the individual. Some of the benefits of this program include:

  • Improved stewardship of resources;
  • Transformation of benefit expenses into assets;
  • Retention of executives and physicians with competitive retirement plans;
  • Strengthening retention with vesting provisions tied to benefits;
  • Non-compensatory arrangement;
  • Turnkey program complete with implementation and ongoing administrative services.

We believe CAP-Ex effectively and equitably meets the needs of SCHA members seeking to retain key talent in a more responsible manner. I encourage you to take a few minutes to connect with Bob Gutherman at The CAP-Ex Group. You can reach him at or (855) 882-2739.


Tommy Cockrell