The TriscendNP Cap-Ex Program’s* innovative structure, customized design, unique product selection and unparalleled program administration make it the preferred alternative to traditional executive benefit programs.

Until now, nonprofits were limited to corporate-style executive benefit plans as a retention strategy.  These plans did not always address their unique needs. TriscendNP has worked with expert advisors and legal counsel to design an innovative and evolutionary program that is fully compliant with regulations.

The TRISCENDNP CAP-EX PROGRAM is known as the SECURED SPLIT DOLLAR PROGRAM in the Credit Union Community.

Unlike traditional plans, the TriscendNP Cap-Ex Program transforms the way executive benefits are designed and provided.

  • Returns all funding dollars, which can include interest, to the organization.
  • Provides the potential for greater retirement income to the executive.
  • Results are more consistent program performance and improved financial stewardship for the organization to better serve its community.

The TriscendNP Cap-Ex Program benefits the organization, the executive and the community.

Traditional Executive Benefit Plans vs. The TriscendNP Cap-Ex Program

Until the TriscendNP Cap-Ex Program was created, nonprofits were limited to corporate-style executive benefit plans that did not address their unique needs and nonprofit status advantages.

Benefit Expense Transforms an expense into a growing asset
Permanent loss of capital Endows the organization with future cash recovery, which can include interest
Greater public perception issues through Form 990 More favorable public perception of Form 990 reporting
Taxable to the participant upon vesting Advantaged retirement income; non-compensatory, providing more vesting options
Fixed plan with restrictions Flexible program that can be implemented with existing plans or as a replacement plan
One policy structure Two policy structure
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