Phase 1: Design

Expert Consultation, Proven Design and Performance.
TriscendNP customizes every plan to ensure reliable outcomes for the organization, the executive and the community.

All retention plans are not the same. There are both major and subtle differences among plans that have a significant impact on whether it will remain compliant and meet the objectives of your organization and executive talent.

Understanding an organization’s unique needs and objectives is the first and most important step in crafting a plan to address them. TriscendNP believes that the proper front-end design, combined with the appropriate selection of product, complemented by ongoing continuous program management are key to achieving the long-term objectives of both the organization and the executive while satisfying the need for safety and soundness.

The TriscendNP Approach
  1. Conduct analysis of current plan, identify goals, and assess needs
  2. Review findings and make recommendations
  3. Present to Board to align key stakeholders and address questions


Next Phase Implementation


splitdollar-2Strength in Numbers

The TriscendNP Cap-Ex Program consists of a custom, two-policy structure, one to provide the annual benefit to the executive in retirement and the other to return the funds invested, which can include interest, to the organization. The two-policy structure adds to the safety and soundness of the plan by creating greater economic efficiencies and eliminating the possibility of excess borrowing from the policy by the participant, and protects the return of funds, which can include interest, to the organization.

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