TriscendNP works with nonprofit organizations to evaluate and select the most appropriate and advantageous executive benefit solutions considering the objectives of key executives and the organization.  TriscendNP’s consultative services and solutions are designed to bring value to the organization, executive and the communities they serve.

Throughout the relationship, TriscendNP considers the perspectives of both the organization and the executive as part of the consultation, design, implementation and administration of executive benefit programs. When working with TriscendNP you can expect us to:

  • Add order to and simplify a complex decision process
  • Evaluate the quantitative and qualitative impact of available options from the vantage point of the organization and executive
  • Facilitate dialogue between the Board of Directors and key executives
  • Provide objective insight and recommendations based on data, analysis and TriscendNP’s national experience

Nonprofit organizations are unique and limited in supplemental executive retirement benefit plan options available. While there are variations to each the list of options follows:

Deferred Compensation Plan (457(f)) a contractual promise (not formally funded) by an organization to pay specific benefits to an executive in the future
Executive Bonus Plan (§162) a supplemental bonus arrangement between the organization and the executive
Split Dollar Plan a method for an organization and key executive to purchase and share the benefits of one or more life insurance policies

Within these options, TriscendNP crafts a solution specifically for the nonprofit allowing it to maximize the benefits to both organization and key executive. Other services and benefit arrangements typically seen in nonprofits and available through TriscendNP are:

Supplemental Disability supplement to group disability to restore income replacement targets for executives over the maximum monthly limit
Plan Administration administration of existing executive benefit arrangements upon request
Alternative Asset Class alternative corporate-owned assets for the purpose of offsetting employee benefit expenses
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